Bieganie poza utartymi szlakami...

TRIADA - 66 kilometers. 3 races in the mountains in 2 days in the middle of snowy winter

triada zimowa 2017

3 races in the mountains, a total of 66 kilometers in 2 days in the middle of winter? Why not? It will be adventure, fun, a little hint of craziness :) Yes, the decision to take part in the event was somehow enthusiastic and spontaneous. My friend called and informed me that there is such an event. Read more

DOZ Lodz Marathon PZU 2016 - my second try to run sub 3:15!


Marathon in my hometown. I planned to run in less than 3:15; it ended up to be 3:22:33 (which in fact is my PR - 2 seconds! better than  1,5 year ago - very funny:)). With marathon you never know... That start reminded me a little bit of Berlin Marathon two years ago. Lucky me - just a little bit as this time I did not end up at medical service... Read more

Give it all or give even more... Trail Kamiensk 30K

Trail Kamiensk 2016 zima

„I don't stop when I'm tired. I stop when I'm done”. I don't remember when I first saw this sentence but I know it hit me from the very begining. Overcomming obstacles is what drives me the most. And knowing that I gave it all I had or more... Read more

Beskid Slaski Mountains in wintertime - photo gallery

20160106 115500

I spent the beginning of January in Beskidy Mountains in my home country, Poland. To be more specific - Beskid Slaski, which is one of the Beskidy Mountains ranges. It is located more or less in the central part of southern Poland:) While I was there I took some photos of the mountains in winter scenery. Enjoy! Read more

When nothing goes the way you planned it... just keep going!

just keep going

We all have dreams, plans, goals... And it's all beautifull untill everything goes the way we planned, the way we wanted, before the first obstacles occure. And when they do, when suddenly it's not "all that easy", and it's not the "way it's supposed to be", it's simply not going in "our direction" - all of a sudden the dreams are not so beautifull any more. Read more

Happiness begins at the end of comfort zone...


Couple of days ago I registered for Lavaredo Ultra Trail - ultramarathon in the Dolomites. Distance? 119 kilometers (73 miles). Overall climb? 5.850 meters. Start at 23:00 June 24, 2016. This means at least one night on the trail... For sure it won't be easy and I guess that's the reason why each year the race is a stage for adventure for runners from around the globe.  Another reason is... Read more

There is power in the group (power of motivation!)

bieganie w grupie

I've been running for over 14 yeras. Usually when I was getting ready for a cetrtain race I would train by myself. Some trainings I would do with one or two friends who had simmilar goal to mine. I was avoiding bigger training groups though as I always felt like too many people is trouble rather than help in terms of real training. Read more

I bacame 261 Fearless Ambassador!!!! Yes, yes, yes - we are changing the world:)


What a FANTASTIC news! Couple of days ago I received a message that I was accepted as 261 Fearless Ambassador. It makes me very happy that my commitment in promotion of running among women has been acknowledged on the international level. 261 Fearless is a fantastic organization set up by  Kathrine Switzer (the first woman ever to officially run Boston Marathon in1967- with 261 bib number)). Read more

At the end of the world (or at least polish end of the world meaning Bieszczady Mountains)

20150921 123832 800x488

The end of the summer always brings nostalgy to my life. Somehow I can't help it but think too much, analyze too much and just smile less than usually. This year summer went by faster than normally. I guess I was working too much and didn't really have much time for holiday. So finally I went for it and decided to spend a week in the mountains. Read more

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